FHG Media Enterprises Hosts A Meet and Greet at the Inside Counsel 2011 Super Conference 5/10/2011 Press Release

FHG is the Developer of a Diversity Legal Fee Billing Tracking Software That Assist Legal Departments Quantify The Success of Their Diversity Initiatives


Phoenix, AZ - FHG Media Enterprises (FHG) - - a new media and software development technology company is hosting an in-house counsel "Meet & Greet" at the Inside Counsel 2011 Super Conference on May 23 and 24, 2011 at the Aria Restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel located at 200 North Columbus Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60601 - click here to view a flyer. FHG has developed websites and software applications that enhance law firm and legal department diversity initiatives and that markets and brands the legal services of diverse outside counsel.


FHG is introducing its new web based software application called TrakIt Pro (, which allows corporate and government legal departments to track their monetary legal fee spend with diverse outside counsel. This easy to use software application with fast deployment allows for quick software adoption throughout any legal department. TrakIt Pro is scalable, web based and is a client-server solution that tracks diverse outside counsel legal fee time sheets and matters. TrakIt Pro has an intuitive user interface and dashboard that allows corporate legal departments to see a daily overview of the entire legal departments actual legal fee billing with its diverse outside lawyers by ethnic group, gender, position within a law firm and more. TrakIt Pro also allows in-house counsel to view the entire demographic make-up of its outside law firms including the diversity of law firm staff. In-house counsel can also track and identify every diverse lawyer within a retained law firm through TrakIt Pro's diverse lawyer demographic profiles, that includes a comprehensive professional profile of all diverse outside counsel, along with the lawyers social media type tools like blogs, web videos, online publications and podcast. TrakIt Pro integrates the best of a high powered web based tracking database developed in PHP with FHG's professional social media tools for minority lawyers offered through This integrated solution offers in legal departments a single source for managing and measuring its diversity initiatives.


Law firms benefit from TrakIt Pro as it provides a means through which to measure law firm diversity efforts. It's ideally suited for law firms with Value and Return on Investment in mind. Through the integration of TrakIt Pro with's private online professional network, law firms can receive traffic reports regarding the number of times a diverse lawyer's professional profile, blogs, videos publications and podcasts are viewed by in-house counsel using TrakIt Pro and by other potential clients who search for diverse lawyers on the internet. As an added incentive, a law firm's diversity committee can also receive a profile to promote the firm's diversity events and share its diversity efforts through the blogs, web TV channel, podcast and more.


TrakIt Pro and are robust technology tools that provide social media tools to diverse lawyers, law firms and legal departments in a private web based professional network with tracking capabilities. These tools allow in-house to privately engage with diverse outside counsel through a web portal exclusive to the legal industry and set up forms and discusses that are exclusive to the legal department. TrakIt Pro and are poised to bring about sustainable and quantifiable diversity initiatives in the legal profession. TrakIt Pro sets a new standard for diversity initiatives for law firm and legal departments. About FHG Media Enterprises FHG Media Enterprises - - is a woman and minority owned new media and software development company. It owns and operates TrakIt,,,, and These new media and software applications are FHG's technology tools aimed at enhancing diversity within the legal profession and beyond. FHG is a full service technology company offering website design and development, software development and search engine optimization to all business sectors. FHG is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and is the business name for FHG, LLC. To learn more about FHG's diversity tools, contact or call (480) 626-1814.

Date Published: 05/10/2011